Baby and Cosmo are two of the oldest Chihuahuas in our little pack and now, both snipped. This makes them aunts and uncles to all of our puppies. When that title is bestowed, that means their job is to help with socialization and to teach the pups to play. Currently, we have many different age levels scampering around the living room – From obnoxious teenagers to adorable toddlers. For us humans it can be exhausting. I cannot imagine what it’s like for the dogs. Well – Today’s play session gave me a glimpse of what it must be like.

Cosmo and Baby jumped up onto the back of the couch and  peeked their heads down to WATCH and not partake. Their synchronized heads swayed to and fro, watching the puppies run and wrestle  – Knowing full well that the pups cannot get up there. You two are very smart!

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