It seems that since we have gotten home from our camping trip, I have been in a constant catchup mode, mostly because of technology. My cell phone had to go in for repair, leaving me with a loaner phone to contend with. Then my 6 year old MacBook’s touchpad and keyboard just stopped responding. So in addition to the daily tasks on my already busy scheduled was now hampered by no way to do my nighttime chills and update the blog nor a contact list or saved scheduled on my phone. Then, yesterday I made the decision to not pick up a new MacBook but to get an iPad instead, since I basically used it to update the blog and website and to edit photos. So add trying to adjust to an entirely new way to do what I have done for years. I have been lost for the past five days!

My one constant through all of these major changes has been my sweet Dewey. Always in my lap, cuddling as I huff, puff and sigh. He even went with me to the computer repair shop! Thank you Dewey for being there for me. He is this woman’s best friend!

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