After the Fun Match yesterday, we planned on heading back to my house to unwind and then pack up. The goal was to have The Burrito head home to his birth mommy at 6 weeks of age. Since we are only two days shy of that goal, today was going to be the day!

Ginny has been such a wonderful mommy and taken him him as her own. Even though she spent an entire weekend being tended to by Karen, when she peeked in last night, it produced a growl, as if Ginny knew her sixth baby was leaving her.

I heard from Karen this morning and The Burrito’s first night away from a nursing female was a true success. The cuddled and played with Karen’s crew, without a single whine or whimper! Yahooooo! And Ginny seems to have adjusted quite well to nursing one less pup – Out of sight is apparently truly out of mind!

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