I have been meaning to update my original product review post on the Puppy Toy find at Target. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought a toy could bring such drama.  And before to read, I must warn you – I will be describing POOP!

Back with Capri’s litter – Who were the first to play with the toys – I happened to notice a never ending poop coming from one of the pups. When I say never ending, it usually means one of the longer hairs from my or my daughter’s head has made its way into a dog’s mouth and out the pooper. But this particular poop had a lot more oomph than a single strand of hair poop and it required a pull with their push. When I saw purple sticking out of the poop I did a tad bit of digging to investigate. It was the blue dotted purple tie on the dog toy! A 6 week old 1.5 pound puppy had untied the fabric ribbon and ingested it WHOLE! I immediately removed the rest of the fabric tied around the end – Making the toys a lot less colorful but still chewable by all those puppy teeth!

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