Last year, I had so much going on from Thanksgiving through New Years that having time to sit down our crew of dogs for the annual holiday photo was simply impossible. I had every intention of trying to get it done before winter was over and then, well, you read my blog! I have been knee deep in puppies since May! So for the lack of holiday photos last year, I do deeply apologize. I had every intention of making up for that this year.

Trying to line them up outsideI had this idea in my head of all my Chihuahuas, lined up pretty and happy, making the perfect group shot. What I saw in my head was nowhere near what I witnessed with my eyes. There was always one or two who just had to be difficult! I have shared some outtakes as proof.

My older ones know their sit and stay commands. Just like with human children, we are much stricter with the first ones and become more lax when additions arrive. Our youngest pups were lost and the young adults were all too distracted.

I took it outside to see if we could work with them as a pack. The pieces of pepperoni definitely got their attention, but my kids are simply too short – the treats were way within reach!

The kids have arms too short to bait themWith all of that said and three hours of trying for the perfect shot, I sat down at the computer and designed my own photo. That’s all I can say without ruining the surprise. I will get them out before the first of the year. PROMISE!

Used It - Didn't Loose It
Santa Dewey