And had such a fabulous time to boot!

Setting up the Eukanuba Nationals at the Orlando Convention Center

Today I attended the Eukanuba Breeders Symposium at the Convention Center. The Nationals are being held there this weekend and just being in the same building gets my heart a pumpin’. I dream that someday a Chihuahua from our Figgy’s line will be invited, but until then, just being there to watch them setup was a thrill!

Karen and I went and met up with a few fellow breeders from the Tampa Bay Chihuahua Club and I must say, there was a lot of very interesting information given. I was prepared to have my brain filled with as much information as I could absorb and my brain was filled to the brim – Just like my coffee cup!

Geared up and ready to learnIf you are a breeder, I beyond recommend attending anything that includes Robert Hutchison! He discussed the many myths in breeding, explaining that veterinary schools teach very little on canine reproduction, and what they do teach, is very old-school. Many topics have since been proven to be false. Administering antibiotics to breeding females in unnecessary, the lack of research regarding Brucellosis, thyroid disease doesn’t effect breedings, vaginal smears are worthless and skipping heats is pointless. Breeding females only have seven viable heat seasons, unlike humans, their uterus deteriorates, and they do not stop producing eggs.

Eukanuba Breeders SymposiumThe second speaker was less informative but still there were lessons learned. Just like humans, females with their ovaries intact lengthen their life span. When it comes to female dogs, those who remain intact for a minimum of 4.5 years, significantly increase their life span. Research on intact females and breast cancer as still accurate, but the cancer doesn’t effect the lifespan? That was confusing to me – So the verdict is still out on that topic.

All in all, I am extremely happy that I went and I learned a whole heck of a lot. Rubbin’ elbows with over 200 fellow breeders is always a thrill. If the symposium comes to your town, I highly recommend breeders to attend.

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