Today our sweet Peanut was picked up to go to his new forever home. The journey to this very special day is an amazing one – One I can finally share!

Cindy contacted me looking for a puppy to give to her daughter for Christmas. One of her childhood dreams was to have her own Chihuahua puppy and to be a part of that secret was so exciting. Peanut was the perfect match for her and he was watched from afar for almost two months by Cindy and her daughter’s boyfriend, Gerrod. Weekly update emails with photos and videos were sent, when they finally got to see him in person around the 8 week mark. Of course, that only confirmed the choice.

Peanut and his new forever family - Nicole and GerrodThe plan was for Gerrod to come pick him up today to surprise Nicole. When he shared that Peanut was just part of the special day he had planned, I was tickled pink! Knowing our sweet Peanut would be a part of such an amazing moment in life is such an honor. He truly was the perfect fit! Congrats to Nicole, Gerrod AND Peanut!


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