Tonight is our family’s Christmas celebration. Big family dinner (sea food of course), and staying up way late to exchange gifts. With the puppies set up in our normal family room spot, we gathered around the tree in our living room, which is gated off from the dogs. Well, all of the dogs except Dewey, because he can squeeze through the bars on the gate to get into the rest of the house.

He crawled out to sit on my lap hours ago. Since we was so insistent on being a part of the festivities, I put on his special Santa suit to not only keep the chill away, but to also help him look more dashing than he already is!

Between the rustling wrapping paper and the moving piles of boxes, he has had to maneuver himself several times. Clearly he had had enough. I watched him stand up from my lap, stretch, and the crawl under the tree to look out at the remainder of the unwrapping. Our own little mini Santa! Now if only I could teach him to read and the hand out the gifts!

I Tried! Really, I Did!
The Pups Had A Blast