I have often raised an eyebrow when seeing people walk around my neighborhood with their dogs in a stroller. The whole “dog walk” thing is suppose to be to exercise the dog and burn energy. Perhaps for elderly dogs and cats, that I could totally understand. But young and active pets? What is the purpose? Up until just recently did I see the real reason to even contemplate the idea.

The dogs and I will be venturing around the State of Florida a lot this year. Many of the trips will will require at least four to five of our dogs be with us. Between fellow breeder’s homes, dog shows, training centers and most importantly, the State Fairgrounds, carrying that number of crates around would be beyond cumbersome. Especially if I used a dolly that then had to be pushed over grass! So, shopping for a dog stroller I went.

A $150.00+ investment in something I still wasn’t totally convinced would be the solution to my problem wasn’t in the cards. Leave it to Amazon to save the day! I found this dog stroller in a fashionable zebra print for under $50.00 including delivery!

I ordered it Wednesday to have it in time for an event we have in mid-February. To my surprise, it was delivered days before the original delivery date – it came today! The instructions to assemble it are a complete joke. After about 20 minutes of head scratching, voila! Common sense, needle nose players and a flat head screw driver are all you need.

The dogs in our new strollerOur first test drive included the four puppies and Dewey. All fit perfectly, with room for even one more. The only downside I see after the first jaunt around the neighborhood is the mesh being snagged or ripped by uber sharp puppy nails. They will have to be trained to refrain from destroying it. But other than that, I am really rather please with the purchase. I will be sure to share my further reviews as we use it more.

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