Tonight I headed out to Davenport for the January meeting for the Tampa Bay Chihuahua Club. So many new and exciting things are slated for the upcoming year – For the club and for my program actually! This will be my first official year stepping foot into the show ring with my line, thanks to the support and help from some of the wonderful members of the club. The anxiety I have was subsided even further after talking to some of the legends of this breed who stopped by our meeting.

Robert DeJonge of Tiny Mites and Darwin Delaney of Dartan Chihuahuas are in town for the biggest Florida show of the year – The Florida Classic Cluster in Brooksville. If you want to finish a dog quickly, this is where you do it!

They were both so kind and very approachable, helping me feel more confident about possibly handling as early as our Spring Speciality!


Learned Soooo Much
51st Speciality Show