Captured by this photo, yet so much more! I must first apologize for the grainy, ickiness of this photo. From there I can share I quickly snapped the picture right after I slipped his sweatshirt on and then quickly ran to the gate into the kitchen, begging to get into be with Colada. Of course, we will not allow him in, but his anxiety breaks my heart.

Since Dewey was about 8 months old, he stopped growing, remaining at the 2 pound 6 ounce mark. He is a skinny little guy that never put on weight. We even tried bacon fat with no success! His constant need to be within eye-shot of me is only part of the anxiety he carries with him. Of course, his anxiety and passion for life and for playing burns any ounce he might possibly gain. When a female is in heat, he and every intact male in the house LOOSE weigh. Dewey doesn’t have any to loose. Add a loss in weight to a drop in temps, and you get a hooded sweatshirt wearing DewMan.

We attempted to get some answers to our lack of weight gain questions by having Doc running a few tests. His bile acid results were low. The test required blood drawn on an empty stomach and then again after he ate. Dewey’s anxiety kicked into gear and he refused to eat beyond a lick or two. Not enough to truly get accurate results. He’s normally one who has no problem eating at all, but we wasn’t going to budge that day – He just wanted to go home. So based on the not 100% confirmed results, we have gone on under the assumption he has a liver shunt. He has never shown any other signs, but didn’t want to risk putting him under anesthesia to have him neutered.

I think it’s time to talk to Doc again. We need to see about getting more accurate results, get him a sniparoo and pray for a reduction in anxiety and an increase of 6 ounces.

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