Quik is two months and a lush coat shy of being ready for the show today. Then of course there is Sugar. Sandy and I didn’t get our act together in time for her to make her debut in the ring, but perfect time to get her into the social side. The plan was to bring her to the show for the socialization – Strange hands and voices and smells and sounds. That and of course, to check out all of the other wonderful Chihuahuas being shown at the first Speciality of the year and to vote for new officers!

This years’s winter Speciality was at the Sun & Fun property in Lakeland – a very interesting experience since the event was held in a hangar right beside the runway. I suppose it’s a good thing we personally live so close to the International Airport and have so many planes flying over head.

The costume contest may not have had a lot of entries (only six) but hands down, Pat Pittore’s costumed cutie was the best. Her friend made it the night before, just for the speciality. So precious!

After seven hours, I can report that Sugar is fantastic! She greeted everyone that approached, let complete strangers walk her on the lead and even met several other canine friends with a wag. An exhausting but very successful day for both of us.

What An Exciting Day
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