So the house has been quiet for 24 hours now and I have to say, I have truly enjoyed the chance to rest and to catch up! I was able to make it to the TBCC meeting tonight and the potluck portion at the end made me chillax on the couch after I got home and require a bit of wind-down. There’s nothing like going to bed with a full belly right? So I decided to whip out my iPad and look for some mindless entertainment to kill some time. Angry Birds was just that ticket! (Yes, I am also wearing my Angry Birds nightshirt!!!)

I don’t play with the music on because I find the sound effects rather annoying. So noise was not what inspired Sugar to jump up onto my chest but the flying birds are what kept her there for sure.

The birds flying across the screen kept her beyond entertained, her head followed their every move and of course, there were a few pats of the paw to try to catch them. I really wish I was with it enough to switch the camera to video mode, but I think this quick photo captured her adorableness.

They Did So Good!
Forever Siblings