With both Sugar and Huggie closing in on the one year mark, they both had some retained puppy teeth that we’re not working their way out on their own. Dog showing is somewhat of a beauty pageant. A retained puppy tooth could make or break a tight decision for a judge. Retained teeth can also hinder a youngster’s bite as they finish growing. Either way, pulling a couple teeth was an easy fix.

This afternoon, Dr. Mario was able to remove the teeth, lickity split. Sugar had five pulled while Huggie only had one. Ace came along for a much needed nail clipping (he is getting rather persnickety the older he gets) and the Fluff Ball graduated in his socialization skills.

While the anesthesia wore off, we were able to visit with Sandy and Vicky for a while, and bring the Fluff back home. We also brought Ginny for a little visit. With time to kill, of course, we visited and caught up. One thing that was undeniable was how much more confident the Fluff Ball was after his visit with us. With that being said, I was asked if we could work our magic on another tweenage Chihuahua. So tonight, we came home with two loopy, one shorter nailed and one shy Chi.

Bath Day
Ginny Is Back