I am sure I am not alone in the quest for the perfect dog bed. Of course, my situation is a unique one and my needs are not like many others out there, but my latest find could potentially solve many’s issues.

Washing dog beds is always a nightmare. Finding a washing machine with the capacity needed is always an issue. Then of course comes the foam vs. fluff problem. If the dog bed has foam pieces in it, the moment you wash it, that foam dislodges out of place and becomes a twisted mess.

I resolved both of those issues when I made these dogs beds that include a zippered cover and four individual pillow pieces that can be removed and all washed separately. My dogs use these dog beds daily.

When it comes to our puppies and training them for the crate, we use the crate bumper pads and pillows to keep them lifted from the lip of the crate and of course, comfy. Young puppies don’t immediately walk out to the peepad and will often times start out peeing on the crate pillow or the dog bed they’re sleeping on. They will waddle off to a corner, but still, it adds to our laundry mess.

When I saw these Purla bed type beds on Amazon, available in sizes smaller than the original Purla’s I saw the potential solution to our problem. They also offer covers and pillows that fit the beds, which can be easily removed and washed as needed, leaving the hard plastic bed easily cleanable and sterilized. Pretty cool aye?

They are constantly on back order and I have had to wait close to two months for mine to arrive but so far, it has totally been worth the wait! If you too have an issue with cleaning and keeping clean dog beds in your house, you best jump over to Amazon and get on the waiting list. I ordered the small size – Who’s cover and pad was deliver three days after I placed the order. Just tuck it away until your bed arrives.

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