Our furniture selection was made nine years ago when we moved into this house. It was pre-dog. Well, back when we still had more humans than canines living here. We picked it for it’s comfort and a color scheme that we originally had envisioned. Nine years and a plethora of dogs later, many lessons learned:

  • Fabric holds the dust, dander and fur from our four legged friends
  • Light colored fabric shows every stain, spill and smudge
  • Fabric wears something fierce in nine years! Between the dogs laying on the cushions and the young pups chewing on the edge of cushions (and bases!)
  • Fabric furniture requires weekly vacuuming and as often as monthly steam cleaning with our number of dogs
  • Couches with legs that lift the piece up off the ground allow for puppies and smaller Chihuahuas to crawl UNDER the furniture and destroy the under sheeting
  • If those legs are wood, they will attract the sharp teeth of teething puppies

So, last weekend we went on the hunt for the perfect furniture to replace our current pieces. We knew two things before taking off on our venture – It had to be leather and it had to fit all of our dogs and four+ humans.

Five stores and 26 couch options later, we ended up speaking with Kimberly at Rooms To Go while sitting on a very contemporary Italian leather sectional. Once we described our situation she immediately informed us that Italian leather was NOT the way to go. Her advice is why I am sharing this post actually!

When it comes to pets, fabric, pleather, vinyl and pure leather are no-nos for your furniture. I listed many of the fabrics reasons above. Vinyl and pleather will tear with claws and nails easily. Pure leather will actually show the scratch marks and without regular conditioning, overtime, the leather will dry and crack. She suggested pieces in blended leather or bonded leather. The durability and comfort are undeniable and are a perfect choice in a home with pets.

We went with the bonded leather, modular sectional and it was delivered today. I gotta say, so far, so great! I am loving the fact that I can moved pieces around as needed and the dogs seem to love it as well! This is a photo I snapped moments after letting me in to see it. No chance to crawl underneath, lots of room for all of us and the shed hair wipes right off! Yahoooooo!



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