Can you believe it? I figured four – but nope! FIVE!!!

It started at 10:30 this morning with her begging to be back upstairs. She worked on moving them down until around 3:30 pm, when the pushing commenced.

Ya gotta love Ginny! Only an hours worth of pushing and the first pup was here! A black spotted on white boy (with possible tan points) arrived with his brother not far behind. 16 minutes later, his sabled fawn spotted on white brother was born – Both in the 4.5 ounce range and anxiously nursing from the get-go.

They were actually nursing when the first female was born. Our 4 1/4 ounce solid white sweetie arrived at 5:07 pm and boy, she’s a screamer! The sac wasn’t even off completely and it was obvious her lungs were clear!

The three pups and mom were resting and nursing of course, until about 5:50, when puppy number four made her way into the world. A Ginny, Mini-Me – A blue spotted on white girl who was the smallest of the litter. At 3 3/4 ozs, she may the be smallest but she was nursing with the rest almost immediately.

The last pup of the litter arrive at 6:17 pm. A black with white markings and possibly tan pointed male.  He too weighed in at 4.5 ounces but appears to be the chunkiest of the bunch.

All the puppies and mom are doing fantastic and resting. Boy it sure is nice to have an entire litter whelped while the sun is still up and without any complications. Of course – how about all within 2 hours too? Man do I love Ginny!



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