We are all riled up for the Tampa Bay Chihuahua Club Speciality next month. Conformation training aside – I have another project in the works being made specially for the event.

At each event the club holds, we also have an auction, with all proceeds going to the club. They have so many great Chihuahua themed items as well as dogs supplies a plenty to bid on. Vicky and I are going in on a very special item for the Speciality – a crate fully loaded with supplies and one of my handmade crate covers, complete with the bumper-pad and pillow. I have had my eye out for a unisex fabric that screams fun. Today I found it! Tell me this does not SCREAM adorable? I just may have to bid on it myself! I will be sure to share the end results – and the lucky winner!



What An Amazing Day
Better Than I Envisioned