Izzy (that’s what we call Ixtapa) gave us the scare of our lives this morning and hers is a story that all Chihuahua owners should hear. Dogs as tiny as she is are highly susceptible to sugar drops. This is why we have held on to her and will continue to do so. She is still at the 1 and a half pound mark and is slow to gain. Of course, she is a high speed, active little pistol that burns it as fast as she takes it in.

At the age of 11 weeks, she has shown us that she is tiny but mighty – Never once slowing down and always up for play. Our worries subsided because she never displayed any issues. That was until this morning. And even the signs from last night went unnoticed, until now. Her stool was on the soft side so we dewormed the pups. Izzy had been eating little Annie’s soft puppy food and I honestly thought that was the culprit, but dewormer never hurts. She was out playing with the others yesterday just as she always did, but she did retire back to the pen earlier than normal. We put the pups up late last night and went to bed, ready to celebrate Mother’s Day in the morn.

My husband woke this morning to start the coffee and kick things into gear when suddenly, he heard a faint whine and it wasn’t the playful, “someone’s chewing on my ear” whine. He looks into the pen and found Izzy stiff, cold to the touch and covered in her own feces. Her body was shutting down and she was in a full blown hypoglycemic seizure. We have experience hypoglycemic episodes where they were dropping but never full dropped. Clearly she was dropping early in the morning while we were sleeping and by the time we found her, she was close to the end.

Izzy on the mendFor all those that have heard my speech and read the handout I provide on the signs, the way we found her was scary! Like get ready to bury her scary! That bottle of Kayro Syrup I tell everyone to have, a warm bowl and a lot of vigorous rubbing is what saved her. 1 CC of Kayro every 15 minutes, rub, rub RUB and a huge oral syringe of water was the antidote. We never gave up and slowly we watched her soften up, warm up and come to. The syringe of water was refilled several times – She drank like she hadn’t seen water in days. Over 30 CCs of water gave her the strength to stand and to eat a bit of Gerber Chicken and Gravy baby food. The rest of the day was all able resting. It really wore her out. It really wore US out! She is up and walking now and of course has all eyes upon her. We will continue to feed her the baby food until I see her starting to nibble on the kibble again.

I can only assume she wasn’t feeling well last night, didn’t eat much before her last big play sessions and then again during the night. It can happen so quickly and without quick action, she never would have made it. But she did- She’s a fighter!

She Had 5 In There!!!
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