Time to step back into the ring and this time, we were much more prepared. This weekend is what they call the Orlando Cluster. Three different kennel clubs hold shows each consecutive day. Today was the Brevard Kennel Club.

I had heard rumors that the Central Florida Fairgrounds came with it’s own set of unique issues. When Huggie and I stepped into the ring this morning, those rumors became very apparent. I had heard that perhaps the acoustics of the metal building spooked dogs as everyone has seen their dogs act oddly when showing here. Huggie proudly walked the ring with his tail up but was clearly spooked on the table – Something he has never done before. The judge was very understanding – CLEARLY! That is because he gave Huggie Reserve for Puppy Class after he got First in Puppies 9-12 months. His sister Bendi got the exact same thing so we have another sibling win shot this weekend.

Sugar was her happy go lucky self this morning. Her adorable demeanor warmed the judge’s heart but her lack of formality kept her from progressing to the next class. She had fun and that’s all that really matters!

Show Ring Confidence
Day Two Down