We knew going in that Huggie would need some help in the confidence department. We need him to walk the ring with confidence and a tail up – wagging would be wonderful – and we also need to work on his baiting. The judge needs to see him self stack on the ground, looking up into their eyes. Our first show weekend proved that was a must to work on as well.

Today Huggie and  I headed out to our local PetCo for some socialization, further lead training and to work on baiting. Of course, a bag or two of dog food was needed as well, but the chance to get him accustom to the sounds, smells and distractions of the public building is wonderful. It didn’t take him long to get his tail up while walking and the mastery of baiting was tackled in less than 30 minutes (need to add an up tail to that too).

Looks like we will be doing more visits to PetCo – And next time I will be smarter and NOT do it on the dog food aisle!


Totally Amazing!!!
It's That Time Again