As I woke this morning (at 5:30am mind you) I showered and thought, “Today we are just going to relax and HAVE FUN“. The members of the Tampa Bay Chihuahua Club have been so supportive and encouraging. After two day of self-nitpicking every move and every step, today I was going to take the most given advice – Just Have Fun!!!!

Huggie's third 2nd PlaceMy new philosophy clearly paid off. Yes, Huggie got his fourth 2nd in a row but his tail wasn’t wrapped under his bottom end – It was straight out behind him – And we now have a game plan on how to help him build his self confidence. We worked on getting him comfortable in a very crowed room before he entered the ring and that helped HIM have more fun this final day of the show weekend. Ended with a positive!

Sugar and I did our prep walk in the room and not a single buck or tug. She clearly was a lot more comfortable and sensed my new found philosophy because she was totally having fun on the end of that lead. So much so she was jumping up with joy, even as she walked! Her tail wagged, her eyes glistened and her attitude was playful. We both had a blast in the ring and I honestly didn’t care what place we took. I was in a happy-go-lucky daze as I began walking to my typical “2nd place” spot when the judge pointed for me to move up to 1st! Yes! You heard that right!!!! Sugar got 1st place!!!!! I don’t know who was having more fun at that point and the club members who stood ring side for my final walk of the ring were my rah-rah team, sporting smiles as large as mine as I walked out with Sugar and her blue ribbon.

Sugar got first place!Of course, with a 1st place, we had to stick around for Best Bitch and at that point, we were up against the best of the best and I was just so honored to be in there! I honestly didn’t care where we placed, it was just such an honor. Sugar and I had a blast as she  danced her way around the ring. It was all so exciting! And what I also thought was the perfect end to the prefect show day. Outside to unwind and pack up I went, only to walk back into the ConventionCenter with a group asking “Where have you been? ”

My thank you list from this weekend is huge and now Rita was added to the top. Being the show newbie that I am, I figured once Sugar didn’t place in Best Bitch, we were done. When the judge called my number back into the ring for Best Puppy, the club members and my daughter had my back! They ran around looking for me to no avail, with Rita ultimately deciding to swoop Sugar up and take her into the ring. Sugar being the amazing girl that she is walked proudly for Rita and stole the show – SHE GOT BEST PUPPY!!!! Rita handed me her new ribbon and I hugged her like there was no tomorrow. WOW! She totally had my back and I will be forever grateful! Now THAT’S what I call ending the weekend on a positive!


Here We Go For Day Two
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