In addition to our own new additions, we have some temporary dogs staying with us as well as the other three dogs here with us for the holiday weekend. We know how our own dogs handle the loud ka-boooms of fireworks but have no idea how the others will react. Anticipating tonight’s Red, Hot and Boom fireworks extravaganza being held around the corner from our house, we know that Dude and Cosmo need to be coddled a bit and have been prepared. We also planned on being home and on the couch to make sure that we get them all through tonight.

Funny thing is, with Florida weather being what it is, we had ominous clouds roll over ¬†around 6pm and boy did things get dark! Between the winds and thunder booms that seemed to come out of nowhere, the anxiety in the dogs was high. Then suddenly, lightening struck the tree in our neighbor’s yard. Not only did it scare the crap out us humans, but a mass number of the dogs ran for cover in the laundry room which is where we keep the few crates that we have here. Watching eight dogs try to jump into a single small size crate was entertaining to say the least!

From that point forward, the evening was actually quite nice! The kids and I chilled n the couch and watched the Glee 3D movie and didn’t have a single firework freakout!

It's That Time Again
Oh Yeah! Firework Fears Defeated!