Since we were heading out to see doc today for Ace’s recheck, I decided to bring the puppies along for their next set of vaccines. I don’t know if Ginny’s maternal instincts kicked in when she realized her older son Ace was under the weather and receiving our undivided attention or that we packed up her puppies that are currently underfoot. Either way, she was a panicked mommy as I walked towards the front door and she tugged on my heartstrings. I picked her up and brought her along for the adventure out to The Villages.

Ace’s checkup was awesome! Everything was healing up very nicely and we will continue his antibiotics through next week. And of course, the little ones did fantastic and handled the pokes, prods and vaccines like champs. As we lifted each “patient” up onto the table for their exam, Ginny got more and more curious, inspiring me to place her up on the “mommy chair” in the exam room so that she could have the perfect vantage point to watch all that was happening. I have been their, with my own kids and after the last exam, I swear I could see that same sigh of relief I too have had. It’s all over and everyone is ok.

Poor Ace
Da Boy's Evaluations