I swear! This little dude just has the crappiest luck. I noticed yesterday that he has dragging his butt on the ground but assumed since we are closing in our monthly heartworm medications (which also is a dewormer) that any itchy-itches would be taken care of on Monday. Well – I woke this morning to the truth of the matter. He had impacted anal glands and they ruptured!  Poor Ace!!!!

Off to The Villages we went for Doc to give it a peek and some quick meds. Injectable antibiotics are always the best and the need to make sure he won’t need a few stitches. Yes – the rupture is THAT bad! I think the ride was actually the best thing for him. Seclusion and a lot of sleepy, rest time. We will need to keep a close eye on his backend until Monday for his recheck. Fingers crossed that we see some healing in the next 24 hours!

In The Mommy Seat