While we watch Ginny’s litter grow and develop, I cannot help but get excited about show potential in the two boys. I keep going back and forth on who I like best and honestly, they both bring separate traits I am loving. At the age of 12 weeks, I need to take a break from looking at structure because they are going through awkward growth spurts and are entering the puppy uglies. Their 8 week evaluations proved their structural potential. I am now focusing on their temperaments. Bama is an outgoing, confident little dude that shows no fear! Brewser is a bit more on the cautious side but is sweet as ever. Now it’s time to see how to work the magic on the two different temperaments and get them lead and table trained. By the time they are old enough to show, I am sure I will have my pick picked.

In The Mommy Seat
Are Ya Comfy?