The puppies hiding toys under the doggy steps

While at PetCo today, I found these adorable Angry Birds dog toys and just HAD to get some. They are small enough for the puppies to enjoy and of course, we humans love the sound effects they have. When I tossed them onto the floor, the pups immediately fell in love. And they used their latest trick to try to keep them to themselves.

They like to use the doggy steps we have for our dogs to get up onto the couch as a hiding spot. Normally we have the cover on the steps so we do not get a clear vantage point for their doggy step antics. With the cover in the washing machines, we got a front row seat to how they hide their treasures under the steps. Today it was Barbie that claimed the new toys and the the boys were not gonna have it. They figured it out immediately!

They LOVE The Backyard!