Dream and Sugar Plum are going back to Rita’s and as were were driving I couldn’t help but chuckle at what Dream had done while in her crate.

Rita explained to me that Dream’s all time favorite toy is her Hayard the Hedgehog, that she had picked up by chance and has since had to purchase several more for her to play with. Her toys were packed up to take along during her stay with us but since she was in with her litter mates, I didn’t want them to chew Dream’s special toys. I placed them aside while she was here and let her play with her brother’s and sister instead of her hedgehog.

Before I placed her into the crate for the drive, I tossed in her collection of toys towards the back, including one of her hedgehogs. In a matter of 5 minutes, she rustled through the pile at the back of the crate, pulled out her hedgehog, drug it to the front of the crate by the door and took a nap. Periodically during the drive, she would chew and then lick her hedgehog’s fur, even resting her nose on his belly while she slept. Too stinkin’ adorable for my book!

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