After attending a number of dog shows and walking the camping area set up at the different fairgrounds, you will quickly notice some of the amazing minds in the dog world. Setting up a camper or RV for dogs can be done easily. All you need is some plastic IRIS pens and wire X-Pens. Strategically placing them under the awning and on top of RV patio mats. We checked out a friend’s setup at the Deland show with her RV and the mind went WILd for this camping trip. There wasn’t enough time to gather the supplies in time, but you can guarantee, my Amazon cart is FULL!

I was able to get a couple of Iris Pens before we left and they were the true savior to this trip. Not that keeping them in the camper and then taking them out for walks has been bad. Please don’t get me wrong – It has always worked fine. We now have only six remaining dogs that have ever been camping before. Normally we take the newbies out for some one-on-one time to help them adjust to the new surroundings and experiences. There are just too many newbies this time for that to happen. So we used our new Iris pens to do a mass learning lesson for the whole bunch. We kept them outside with us for the majority of the day, just feet from us as we humans enjoyed the park. They had their food, water and a slew of doggy beds to relax in. We also used a tarp to provide shade – Even though the weather was perfect and not too hot – They enjoyed the sights and smells 300% more outside with us. Even the veterans! Now I can’t wait to get our other new pens and mats to make they whole patio area for the dogs to enjoy with us on our next camping trip.

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