Cosmo is our dog toy lover in the bunch. When you enter the room, he will bring you a toy. When he goes outside to play, he brings a toy. And at the end of the day, Cosmo has spread toys all over the house and the yard. If he is outside for a long period of time, he hides his favorite toys to be able to come back to on his next play session. Sometimes the toys he hides in the yard get more hidden that we all would like and they get buried under the shrubs or deck. Of course, they then become hidden jewels when discovered. Today it was Blu who dug up one of our rubber chew bones and boy was he excited at the find. Quik immediately glommed onto the moment and the two proceeded to play tug-o-war with a toy that made the task a tad bit difficult. In the end, Blu was beside himself with pride and Cosmo was none the wiser – He had another toy in his mouth and had forgotten completely about he one that became today’s discovery.

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