Day two brought more of the same. By no means am I complaining! I am very proud of Huggie and our accomplishments. Every show we attend brings more and more lessons. Today was a whole new lesson for me and for my husband.

First, this was the first show that I entered that my husband has been able to attend. Normally, he is home, making sure I am up in time (I am a night owl that hates to wake up early) and tending to the other dogs. My kids usually go with me and then come home with descriptions and stories. Now he got to experience it all on his own. I think he was more impressed than ever but at the same time, shocked at how quickly it is all over! He totally saw how “petifying”  a show dog is a no-no and why. I have been telling him this forever – Now he saw WHY! No darlin, you cannot bait Huggie off the couch from your plate!

The other lesson was mine. One of the smooth coat females showing today was in the ripest of season. So much so that I have never seen Huggie SO active! I learned yesterday to take him out early and get him accustomed to building, it’s sights, sounds and smells. Doing that today alerted him to the smells of hormones and kept him perky every second he was in the ring – Keeping his eyes on the hopeful prize. Now I just need to find a ripe female for every show I enter him in!

Deland Day 1
Fun at the Fun Match