I have such exciting news! Rita with Cavahua Chihuahuas has been my dog showing savior – Seeing first hand what my showing and breeding goals are, her experience has me on the road to amazing things in my future. With Teddy and Treasure being from her and Shirley’s amazing lines, they truly set me up for success. You see, heat season is right around the corner and planning breedings for the next year has been the hottest topic of late. Boy do we have some exciting things in-store. With that being said, Rita brought Eddie to the Figgy domain to be our newest addition! Not only does he carry some of the same lines, but he also brings his very strong structure, sweet temperament and beautiful deep pigment, a wonderful addition to our dream of chocolates!

Eddie didn’t take long to figure out the best spot in the house – Cuddled up on the couch with us humans! He has already mastered the doggy steps so I think he will work his way in the pack quickly! Be on the look out for more Eddie news as he not only produces some of our future puppies, but also as we work towards his Champion title!

Dream and Her Hedgehog
Oh Yeah!