Shrink Film Dog Tags After They Were Baked and ShrunkOur Chihuahua Club is hosting a Fun Match this weekend and to help keep the costs down on this fundraising event, I thought we could make a keepsake trinket instead of the traditional ribbons that are handed out. The idea came from the ease of making my own dog tags for my crew way back when. Using inkjet shrink film this time, I have to say that the process was much quicker and the results much different – In a good way!

In-between doorbell rings and the chants of Trick-or-Treat this evening, I printed, cut and baked close to 100 tags for us to hand out as trophies. If your dog club is looking for an inexpensive and personalized trophy idea, this entire project cost me around $40.00.  For anyone wishing to try out this project, here are my tips and lessons learned:

  • The colors you print will be a lot more dark once the film is baked. Keep that in mind when choosing your colors
  • You can get 6 tags on each page – Plan accordingly! The results are tags about the size of a half dollar.
  • You can print on both sides! Add the place or even the class on the back and if you bring permanent markers to the event, people can write the name of the dog that won on the back!
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