Ring side coaching proved beyond valuable today and is something that I will be forever thankful for. Rita is a god-send for so many reasons. Allowing Teddy, Treasure and Eddie to become the base to our program for one, but also her undying support for and help with my showing is amazing. The winter months in Florida are all about dog shows. This weekend is the warm up to a grand total of 16 different shows in December and January. Such a large cluster brings out the professional handlers – What I call the major players. With that being said, measly little me and my dogs that occasionally show can have a much harder time making any points. Handled dogs are in the ring on a regular basis and do what they do without pause. Sleeping on the fact that I need to get relax and have fun today is how I entered the ring. With Rita and my husband there ringside, rooting us on, we had an amazing day that I will never forget.

With yesterday being the debut of Eddie and I, today I felt a lot more at ease and comfortable. I know that Huggie felt it because he looked the best he ever has in the ring. Boastingly proud, he walked the ring like he owned it. Today he got First in is class and Reserve for Winner’s Dog. And when Eddie and I entered the ring, my new sense of calm even more apparent. He felt it and his “up-tail” showed it.

Having worked with Huggie for much longer, I can take a larger piece of bait into the ring and he will nibble a tiny piece off of it as his reward. I took my piece regular sized in with us for the Open Dog class. Having kept his tail up for the entire initial walk around the ring and then doing so fabulously on the table stacking for the judge, I rewarded him with bait as we waiting for our final walk around the ring. Unfortunately, he didn’t nibble. He grabbed and gobbled the entire piece! Tail down and slow to move forward, he wanted to enjoy and savor that chicken!!! We finished the walk and accepted our Second place.

After exiting the ring, Rita pulled me aside with a giggle and asked if she saw it correctly. Yes! He gobbled the entire piece of bait. She ripped another piece of chicken into a much tinier piece and advised me to take that in for Winner’s Dog if I were called in. She nailed it – We were called back in as the other Open Dog male took Winner’s Dog. Around the ring we went with the other classes’ winning contenders. Tiny bait, tail up and chest out, we walked our butts off and then whamo! The judge pointed to us for Reserve! WOW! Eddie!!! We rocked it!

We All Rocked It
12-12-12 12:12