Ginny and Teddy have given us an amazing gift – Three beautiful little girls that wowed me as each entered this world.

Ginny and I started at 10:30pm last night and we wrapped it all up by 8:30 am this morning. She took her time working them down but all with a sense of calm. Not a single pant, just pushing and licking. Her first girl arrived at 6:00 am after one large push – Weighing it al 4 3/4 ozs, she clearly got her daddy’s amazing looks, coat and coloring. A black sabled fawn that made me take pause and stare at her amazing head. 20 minutes later her sister arrived and she is our bird-baby of the litter. Clearly a tad bit undercooked but a fighter from second one! While still attached to the placenta, she crawled right up to her mommy and started nursing almost immediately!  At only 2 1/2 ozs, she appears to be a chocolate tricolor like her grandpa K-Cey, but could be a chocolate sabled fawn like her half-sister Treasure. Only time will tell.

Her third little girl took a bit more time to arrive. Ginny worked her down and then with a huge push, whelped her at 7:30 am and boy is she a biggie! 5 3/4 ounces big – A definite black tricolor that made her daddy’s trait very obvious within 5 minutes of her arrival. She barked! Yes, you read that right! She BARKED! Her daddy is a “talker” and clearly he passed that down to his daughter!

Mom and girls are doing fabulous and are all tucked in to the day. It’s time for me to head off to bed – A very long night worth every second of sleepy eye!


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