Rita and I have been on a crafty kick, trying to prepare for our club’s Speciality in May. Unique, handmade trophy items in the goal and with just a bit of searching on the internet, we were able to find some really cute ideas! Tiny stuffed Chihuahuas, crochet Chihuahua patterns and cuddly Chihuahua crafts. With the supply lists for our projects in-hand, we headed out to Joann’s.

Skeins of yard, craft felt, plush fur fabrics and a slew of buttons were in our cart when suddenly, the aisle of magazine and books caught our eye. Perhaps they would have other Chihuahua crafts ideas in these publications. It our surprise, we did find  one in the Stuffed magazine and it was not for the typical, adorable Chihuahua project! LOOK AT THE RESULTS! A growling Chihuahua showing its teeth! Forget Frankenweenie – It’s Frankenchiiiiiii……We need to find a pattern to make one of these!!! 😀

New Chihuahua Friends Chicatoo?
Ringing In The Year