It’s time to head back to the Orlando Dog Training Club at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. The club offers so many class options and I totally recommend them to new puppy/dog owners as well as anyone wishing to get into AKC obedience, rally or conformation. Yes, their classes are that verse!

Tonight, we took Eddie and Huggie for Conformation training. Huggie is rocking it, and I brought him to keep his training enforced. Eddie and I have our first show coming up soon and I wanted chance to work with him one-on-one. He walks superbly, tail and head up with pride. We do need to work on the table and get him a bit more confident with his stacking.

If y ou are wishing to give conformation a try, I would suggest that you attend the Wednesday night class. They offer a class on Tuesday as well, but that instructor is geared more towards training exposure to the dog. The Wednesday  night instructor works individually with you AND the dog – A total win-win!

Juniors in Training
Getting My Show On