With Ginny’s due date falling smack-dab in the middle of the two dog show weekends, I didn’t register our boys for the shows. Since the puppies arrived a few days early, leaving this weekend wide-open, a few of us drove up to Ocala to catch the final day of the cluster. Rooting on friends and checking out the vendor booths without the pressures of actually showing was a really nice way to spend a Sunday.

It turned into an all day event and all sorts of fun was had. Huggie came along for some exposure to an outdoor show and he did fabulous – Being surrounded by in-heat females at home made things easier at the show since there too seemed to be filled with the smells of females in season!

And I must say, the Eukanuba deal at this show’s vendor area was quite a nice change up. If you have no idea what I am talking about, follow along….

When you go to a dog show that Eukanuba attends, you can purchase 30 pound bags of food for about $45.00 which is considerably less than if you purchase it at a chain store. Breeders stock up on food while at shows to take advantage of the discounted prices. We also glom onto the latest gimmick deals which normally are these tin food buckets filled with Eukanuba items like leashes, blankets, aprons and treats. You can purchase a filled tin for $20.00 and I always try to pick up at least one per show. Perhaps it was because it was the last day but in the booth today was a plastic food container filled with goodies. A blanket, steps tool, tarp and treats for the same price? SOLD!


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