After five straight years of camping over the week of Thanksgiving, this year we opted to stay home and boy did our entire family enjoy the surprises.

First, we haven’t cooked a turkey in anything but a fryer (the oven in the camper will never find a bird like that!) and REAL mashed potatoes instead of prepackaged was truly missed. The dogs got to eat a LOT more turkey this year since they were all able to gather around the table and get their fill from our feet.

Normally the single television in the camper is plastered with traditional football games but now with access to a multitude of different televisions, we all got to watch what we wanted – and for me that was the National Dog Show! Me and our Chihuahuas cuddled up on the couch and watched it from start to end! I am really thinking we need to find a different weekend for our annual week long camping trip!

You Guessed It!
We All Rocked It