The show this afternoon was officially the first appearance for Eddie and I together as a team and I must say, we rocked it! And this has been my first show since September in Deland and Huggie has been a bit out of practice. Basically, I am here to say that both boys knocked my socks off today!

With Huggie and I working in the ring since only June, he really has come a very long way. Tail up, back straight, head forward and he baited like a charm! Huggie has finally gotten the whole thing down pat and seems to really enjoy showing! SUCCESS! After First place in his class, we were up against some very seasoned males in Winner’s Dog. I was tickled pink to witness Pat Mattie finish his sweet little guy. Huggie’s line is rather slow to mature so his chest hasn’t popped yet. Comparing him to the other adults, he looked like a baby still. But boy did he look happy in the ring! We just need a bit more time for him to mature and in the meantime, we will get him even more ring experience.

Eddie and I on the other hand, really only had the one conformation classes as our pre-show practice and with that being said, he did a fabulous job. We need to work on keeping his tail up for the entire time in the ring. He generally puts it down half way around the ring on the first walk and I have to work it get it back up for the “up and back”. We will totally take the Second place at our show debut!


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