Huggie and Teddy at Meet the Breeds

Day two of Celebrate Dogs brought even more people out to the convention center and yes, even more people to the Meet the Breeds event. Today I swapped Eve for Huggie to showcase the smooth coat variety and Rita brought Dream. Teddy of course, greeted guests at the booth entrance again and Rita’s puppies were the hit two days in a row. Barbara and Kid continued to WOW with their stunning costumes.  I believe there are photos of this two all over the world now!

Our booth on day twoAnother huge thanks to all of those that helped in the booth and of course, came by to visit and learn more about this amazing breed. Seeing so many people do the right thing by coming to this type of event to learn about what type of dog to bring into their families was extremely impressive! Of course, those that have already fallen head over heels came to some their breed love but also many stopped by, assuming they were ankle biters. Those individuals were clearly persuaded to see the light when greeted by Chihuahuas that wanted to jump into their laps and give them kisses. All and all, this event was a true success.

Did You Meet The Breed?
Santa Came