Oh My WORD! A major lesson learned today and one that I will have to endure for the next three days. With the dog shows this weekend being so close, the newbie that I am entered Eddie and Huggie. Any chance to get them and myself some so experience is what I assumed is wonderful. That was until I entered the Orange County Convention Center and took it all in. The Eukanuba Nationals are this weekend and the local club shows over the next three days are using the exact same rings. They are much larger than I am used to, massive actually! And the atmosphere is like nothing I have ever experienced before. WOW!

The long coat Chihuahuas showed at 12:30 and as I watched the other dogs and handlers gathered around ring 24, I realized I hadn’t thought this whole plan out very well. With the Nationals bringing dogs from all over the country – All over the WORLD –  These three days are just a precursor to the big event that starts Saturday! Major players in the dog show world surrounded me outside the ring and boy did my tummy begin to flutter. Oh my goodness!

All in all, the boys did fabulous. Actually, Huggie has started to show me that he really LOVES showing. He whined and begged to go when he saw me take his carrier out to pack him up. And that enthusiasm continued as he practically jumped up onto the judge to kiss her while in the ring. He didn’t place in Winners Dog but I will proudly display his First place ribbon for is class. We had a bit of a pro-handler mind game played on us, telling all that witnessed that clearly Huggie was seen as a threat. I take that as a win!

And how did Eddie do you ask? With only three shows under our belt, he and I rocked it for being in such an intimidating ring. Our biggest issue – Tail up on the walk – was not an issue. He proudly displayed that tail the entire time, earning a well deserved Second place to a stunning, professionally handled dog.


12-12-12 12:12
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