An additional 10 dogs were entered in both the long coat and smooth coat varieties today. Talk about intimidating! While I am still trying to find my way in the dog show world, the dogs and handlers that showed today used this morning as the practice run for their big weekend, blowing me away with their greatness!

The Best of Breed competition for both varieties took quite a while – The Judge was fantastic and she took her time to look at every single dog in the ring. I am here to say that is rare – So I enjoyed the process completely!

Eddie and Huggie were proud to be a part of it

Huggie rocked it again but still looks like a baby when compared to the fully grown dogs we went against in Winner’s Dog. Eddie crapped out as we made the second turn again but today’s judge saw his potential and really wanted to see him with his tail up! She was so kind and even asked to walk him again, hopefully inspiring a bit of tail wags. Her patience was greatly appreciated but after two days of showing, he was spent. I was just so pleased to know that Eddie really had a chance!


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