Chihuahua Style!

As with so many years past, we are cuddled up on the couch ending the year watching movies. The movie that was saved for the evening was the perfect choice – Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3!

Ringing in the new year

I have to say that it was pretty good! By no means was it as good as the first one, but they kicked up the cute factor on this one for sure. They all move into a very posh, dog friendly hotel and the adventure is a fun one.  The puppies are now two years old and the runt, Rosa gets a Quinceanera (because in human years, that would be 15).  The kids loved how the tiny one proved she was the mighty one – And of course the Mariachi band was an awesome addition. They as well as the lines of Papi had us laughing all evening. Humor for the kids AND the adults!

We had a lot of fireworks in the neighborhood this year and you all know what they can do to a house full of dogs right?  The dogs had a bit of a freakout from all of the noise. The vision of fellow Chihuahuas on the big screen seemed to keep them as entertained as us humans!

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