Our Chihuahuas get new gifts every year, all wrapped and ready to be ripped into. For many of our crew, Santa bringing gifts is an entirely new thing. An event that left them a bit bewildered. Not Cosmo!! He saw the pile under the tree this morning and knew exactly what to do. He brought one up onto the couch and tore into it. Of course, he is our toy lover and the chance to have new ones to play with makes him the happiest.

Huggie was the next most excited one in the bunch. He was first drawn to the paper and would grab it up after Cosmo opened the gifts, It didn’t take him long to realize there were toys in there and he started to dig in too.

Now Teddy? He was the one to mark all of the toys after they were opened, letting the others do all of the hard work and then staking is claim.

All A Buzz
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