Today was quite the emotional day. Feelings of excitement, pride, sadness and joy. I drove out to visit with Rita and her dogs to do a holiday photo shoot. Santa costumes, Christmas lights and also their very own matching set of Figgy Gear harnesses and harness dresses were adorned and boy did we get some fabulous photos! Perfect holiday card photos if I do say so myself!

Casper and Kat LOVE BamaWhile out in Plant City, I brought Breezer and Bama to meet a family that is interested in adding a Chihuahua to their family. It didn’t take long for them to make their choice – Bama won them over almost instantly and will be going home to their forever family in a couple of weeks. I am so thrilled that Bama will have such an amazing family to spoil him rotten. He will be the perfect lap – I mean pouch – puppy!

The other item on today’s list was for Ace to go to his new forever family. It was such an emotional meeting but one that both Carol and her daughter completely understood. Ace is my baby, a boy have have loved so much since the moment he entered this world. Saying goodbye was extremely difficult but they the look in their eyes when they saw him and then held him told me that Ace would be the king of his new castle – A life he so totally deserved! Thank you Rita for helping us find the perfect family for Ace – And thank you Carol for loving him as much as we do.

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