Every time I look at these girls my heart melts. They are so unbelievably beautiful! Teddy has truly made his mark with this litter and Ginny has given me the most amazing gift! The puppies are maturing into the most wonderful show prospects and will most definitely be staying here with us for a very long time. I know, I know, they are only three weeks old – It’s way too early to be making statements like that right? Not in this case.

Teddy brings a legacy that is unmatched. Both his father and aunt were invited and showed at Westminster back in 2003! The honor of having Shirley share a piece of her amazing line with me still makes me speechless. And Teddy’s mother comes from Rita’s amazing program, another that is very hard to get your hands onto. These two amazing women have entrusted me with adding their program to mine. In return, I will proudly be carrying on their legendary hard work, making my bred-by debut with these three amazing little girls.

The Banger Sisters
So Much To Share