Ginny has officially begun weaning her puppies and the girls are not liking that very much. They try like heck to nurse, with Ginny only giving them a few seconds to suckle and then she warns them off. This turn of events has inspired them to nap right next to her, waiting for a chance to sneak a sip.

Ginny is weaning her puppies

They have been munching on kibble for the last month but their mommy’s milk has been their main source of nutrients.  Their tiny size is why she has waited this long but the stress from the process can take its toll on these little ones. Play sessions can burn every once of sugars out of their bodies and hypoglycemic issues can quickly arise. We have had two bouts of sugar drops since Friday. We have decreased their pen size and increased their moist food intake. Adding a bit of Nutri-Cal to their food has also been thrown into the mix and a watchful eye of course.

They Are 8 Weeks Old!
And Here, We, Goooooo