We have been going back and forth about Eve going back to Vicky and Envi’s for a while now. The fact that her returning would allow Vicky to have pieces of her original program but also allow her to truly expand her lines was the ultimate decision maker for me. It was very bitter sweet for me to drop her off this afternoon. I adore Eve and she is so sweet when she is all cuddled up on the couch with me. She also is the pack cleaner! She LOVES her fellow Chihuahuas and can constantly be witnessed cleaning the ears and eyes of her canine buddies. She will truly be missed and I admittedly cried on the drive back to the campground. But she will also be an amazing addition to Vicky’s program and will be loved equally there. Pus, we will get to visit – Total Win-Win-Win!

Eve's Spot
Another Day Spent In Lady Lake