On the road to go campingOur much anticipated first camping trip of 2013 is finally here! I do not know who is more excited – We humans or the dogs. They started to scream to get into the car the moment they heard the camper pulled into driveway. This will be Eddie’s first trip. Well, the puppies’ too, but of the adults, Eddie is the only one who has yet to experience the fun and excitement of camping. He took it all in stride though.

Now I do not know if we are simply out of practice or the checklist growth from adding two litters and their accoutrements to the day threw us off, but about have way to the park we realized we left all of the Iris Pens back at the house. It was sooooo nice the nice, big area for the dogs to be in at our last camping trip going old school seemed ridiculous but we were not turning around and would have to make do. I happened to grab the old portable playpen so perhaps that will be the weekend home for the girls? I will have to see what I can come up with once we get there.

Juniors in Training
The Girls Are Good!